Why Kiln Dried

If you have bought a stove recently you will be aware that there is a vast difference in the types of firewood that can be used to enable efficiency from your fire.

The benefit of the kiln drying process is that firewood is ready for burning straight away as with a moisture content of around 15 -18%. Generally an acceptable moisture content for a seasoned log is 25% or below. The drier the firewood is, the hotter and cleaner it burns and the higher the release of energy from the log. Using damp or wet logs causes a lot of energy to be used up evaporating excess water and will lead to a build up soot and tar residue on your chimney or stove.

Most stove manufacturers actually recommend using only kiln dried logs to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of your stove. Kiln drying is the process of introducing heat to the logs.