Woodcall Way: Who we are

Based just outside Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are one of the longest established and largest local suppliers of kiln dried logs and firewood throughout Greater Belfast, Newtownards, Bangor, Carrickfergus and province wide. 
We do not charge any 'hidden' costs such as VAT or delivery charges. Our experience and multiple 'log vans' on the road means your delivery of firewood is never far away and our prices are the best in the country. More

Woodcall Way: Our Service

Our bags of logs are packed completely full and overflowing....we send out bags of firewood the way we want to receive them ourselves. We are not fans of the 'nearly full' from competitors and make sure customers have no cause for complaint! More

Woodcall Way: Our products

Woodcall supply firewood 'direct to the customer', we specialise in kiln dried firewood and seasoned logs to homes and businesses. We ensure quality control with all our products to make sure only the very best arrives to you on time and with friendly uniformed staff who can advise you on any requirements you may have. More

Woodcall Way: Why kiln dried?

If you have bought a stove recently you will be aware that there is a vast difference in the types of firewood that can be used to enable efficiency from your fire. More